I had albums posted  –  mainly for family and friends who would know some of the subjects

These are just the album titles and a few of the photos! I am now really annoyed with Virginmedia for deciding that they will no longer host webspace. All my links to albums have disappeared [though I still have the photos on my computer]. These were the album “covers” that opened to masses of photos. I will try to refill them, but am not sure how much free media space WordPress will allow.

They began with Donal and Cindy – in Edinburgh, Ireland and China 2002-3 25 

The Edinburgh Wedding of the Year, 8th February, 2003  6

Block Island, my granddaughters during visits in 2003 106

The Block Island Wedding of the Year, 28th September 2003

In December 2003 my grand-daughters got ready for Christmas


 2004 was a spectacular year. Chinese New Year visiting Cindy’s family; touring with Donal and Cindy; Callum and Wendy’s third daughter Rory born in April; Donal and Cindy came to Block Island in August; I went to China again in November; back to Block Island with my sister Veronica for Christmas; in between some time in Manchester etc.51

2005 – a selection of different photos, but there do seem to be a lot of Rory, and her big sisters, Ruby and Fiona.The rest shows (maybe) what I have been doing when I am not working or learning Chinese.13

special – Chinese celebration photos of Donal and Cindy 60

2006 – a small selection of photos from Beijing, Block Island, Manchester and Guangzhou and Shenzhen. 14  

2007 – things just keep happening! In June I bought a condo on Block Island, Donal and Cindy had twin boys, Louis and Ali, on 31st August, Neill took on a Master’s in Screenwriting at Napier – watch this space.Huaxi Park 1 month