I had albums posted  –  mainly for family and friends who would know some of the subjects

These are just the album titles and a few of the photos!I am now really annoyed with Virginmedia for deciding that they will no longer host webspace. Should the space still work (that notion that stuff on the web is somehow there for ever) the link is here.

They began with Donal and Cindy -in Edinburgh, Ireland and China 2002-3   

The Edinburgh Wedding of the Year, 8th February, 2003 

Block Island, my granddaughters during visits in 2003

The Block Island Wedding of the Year, 28th September 2003

In December 2003 my grand-daughters got ready for Christmas

 2004 was a spectacular year. Chinese New Year visiting Cindy’s family; touring with Donal and Cindy; Callum and Wendy’s third daughter Rory born in April; Donal and Cindy came to Block Island in August; I went to China again in November; back to Block Island with my sister Veronica for Christmas; in between some time in Manchester etc.

2005 – a selection of different photos, but there do seem to be a lot of Rory, and her big sisters, Ruby and Fiona.The rest shows (maybe) what I have been doing when I am not working or learning Chinese.

special – Chinese celebration photos of
Donal and Cindy

2006 – a small selection of photos from Beijing, Block Island, Manchester and Guangzhou and Shenzhen.    

2007 – things just keep happening!
in June I bought a condo on Block Island

Donal and Cindy had twin boys, Louis and Ali, on 31st August

Neill took on a Master’s in Screenwriting at Napier – watch this space