Publications and Other Writing

I have to admit that I do not write much for publication though I seem to write, and rewrite, a great deal for students, and letters etc. I also write at the Block island Poetry Project, but have not yet published poetry.

Those which have links are to pdf copies of some papers based on psychodynamic thinking. To download Acrobat Reader which is needed to read them, go to and follow the instructions depending on what kind of computer you are using.

Selection of publications and presentations.

(2007) The Psychodynamic Workplace, Counselling at work, Spring 2007, 12-14.

(2005) Making and Mistaking Reality: What is Emotional Education? Interchange, Vol.36/1-2, 49-72. This paper was first presented at Conference in Saskatoon, May 2003, “Knowledge Value, Meaning… as Process” with an emphasis on process philosophy.

(2001) Emotional Education from a Psychodynamic Perspective in “Dialogue”, newsletter of Values Education Council.

(2000) ‘Process Thought: A Comparison of Wilfred Bion and Alfred North Whitehead’ Interchange Vol 31/2&3, 159-177 Two theorists’ understandings of the dynamic process of thought and the problems of subjective influence on present ideas and ideologies.

(1999) ‘Technology Teaching with Attitude’ presented at 5th International Conference HPSST, Como and Pavia, Italy. Critical analysis of the effects within and on a teacher training programme of teaching specifically aimed to change and develop professional attitudes.

(1998) ‘Michael Faraday on the Learning of Science and Attitudes of Mind’,Science & Education, vol.7, 2, pp. 203-211, Kluwer Academic Press

(1997) ‘Putting Feelings to Work in Teaching’, Proceedings, Towards Scientific Literacy Conference, University of Calgary, Canada

(1996) ‘Scientists: Psychotics or Seekers of Truth’, Free Associations, No. 42, 180-215, London. Further exploration of ideas in 1993a, and understanding of thought processes.

(1995d) Seminar presentation at Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis to the Director and some staff of the Teacher Training Program, De Paul University Chicago, on “Emotional Aspects of Learning in Placement Preparation”

(1995c) ‘Exemplary Practice: Child-like Enquiries, an Attitude of Mind’, Opening plenary speech, Third International Conference HPSST, University of Minnesota, USA

(1995b) ‘Reflective Analysis of Experience: Trainee Teachers on Placement in Schools’, Proceedings, Third International Conference HPSST, University of Minnesota, USA.

(1995a) ‘The Changing Experience of the Lecturer’, keynote speech, Middlesex University Faculty of Humanities Conference, Report of Conference

(1994) ‘Education and Psychic Theft’ Scottish Institute of Human Relations Bulletin, No. 6

(1993c) ‘Countertransference and Gender, Ethnicity, and Disability and Illness; a report on AGIP Conferences’ Scottish Institute of Human Relations Bulletin, No. 5

(1993b) ‘A Critique of Curriculum Reform: Using History to Develop Thinking’ Physics Education, 28,4.

(1999) ‘Michael Faraday’s Thought: Discovery or Revelation?’, in French, S. and Kamminga, H. (eds) Correspondence, Invariance and Heuristics, Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Kluwer Academic Publishers. An exploration into the mutual relevance between philosophy of science and psychoanalytic insight, noted by Wilfred Bion.

(1991b) ‘Why Faraday?’ Physics Education, 26, 5, p.261.

(1991a) ‘A Visit to Prague’, Forum, no.5, British Society for History of Science.

(1985) ‘Learning from Experience’, in Gooding, D. and James, F (eds) Faraday Rediscovered, Essays on the Life and Works of Michael Faraday, 1791-1867, Macmillan.