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Elspeth Crawford B.Sc. Ph.D.

Work Consultant to individuals and groups in organisations



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This site is underpinned by the ideas of

Emotional Education
– with its connections to

Social Justice

Critical Thought, Scientific Thought, and ‘Truth’

Ways of Thinking in Practice

Wellbeing in Organisations and Communities


The links on the left give greater detail about particular areas. The ideas have a basis in psychoanalytic, psychodynamic and systems theories, the philosophy of science and process, and a great deal of practice concerned with social justice, human rights and experience.

In March 2013, the Scottish Institute of Human Relations closed down. I was a member of this organization for over 20 years and learnt much from the other members and the work we undertook. Some of this work is being carried forward by a new organization, Human Development Scotland.

Throughout the site, the sign, xunwill always return to the top of this page.

[The sign is Xun from the I Ching or Book of Changes, meaning “The Gentle, The Penetrating, like the Wind or like growing Wood with its roots”. Emotional Education has this quality of powerfully influencing through ceaseless but gradual and inconspicous effects. The results may be less striking than other kinds of change, but they have roots, and they are enduring. ]

You can also explore my blog site, and my poetry writing site.