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Brief biography:
Elspeth Crawford (B.Sc. Ph.D) has worked with a variety of groups on team-building, organisation, and the management of change. Following doctoral study in the philosophy of science, and personal learning through psychoanalysis and numerous courses, seminars, conferences, etc., she trained at the Tavistock Clinic, London, in 1988-9 in the “Dynamics of Institutions and Groups”. As an educator in London in the 1980’s, followed by twelve years as a lecturer in what is now the School of Education, University of Edinburgh, she has a long practical experience of group relations and working with changing attitudes, and relating the human element to the aims of the institution. Her consultancy work focuses on helping management and their teams identify realistic ways to enable motivation, social justice and workplace ethics. Alongside her lecturing, counselling and consultancy work, she has developed many innovative training courses in “Emotional Education” and “Human Dynamics in Work settings”. She is a member of Council in the Scottish Institute of Human Relations, chair of the SIHR membership committee, and a staff member of SIHR Advanced Practice Seminar Programme for Counsellors. (More details on a CV 2007, and list of publications in pdf format here.)

Elspeth Crawford uses her background as ‘an ordinary worker’ with a psychodynamic and philosophical perspective, to bring emotional education into each current context. (See more about her background philosophy in the “Ways of Thinking” pages.) She makes the following claim:

Emotional Education greatly increases the probability of mental flexibility, self-respect, creativity, fairness, deeper cognition, integrity, stamina and good decision making. Consultancy practices Emotional Education, so that clients’ growth is a sustainable development.

What’s in Emotional Education?
Whole persons – experience, practice, theory, dialogue, research, application – a spiral of insights – relating to the whole context of intra and inter-personal, cultural and structural aspects of a job or organization.

How do we encompass all that?
Considering that we already do, because it is what is there, the question is part of the problem. Reframing brings us to new realizations about a variety of myths concerning emotional education:

Its ‘personality’- about individuals – born with or without it..
It’s touchy/feely – I’m sensitive, you’re difficult – why is it me who has to change, not you or them ..
No-one can work with difficult people, just have to put up, shut up or get rid..

What happens?
Make no mistake, definitions are MYTHS, and the REALITY is not mysterious, just steady working with subtle processesin organizations, politics, cultures – all of which happen to have real and ordinary people in them, leading and following, with and without power, with limits and constraints and opportunities, and quantities of knowledge and experience already .

The insights offered are about what is affecting oneself and others in real contexts.

The decision making which follows belongs to the client, individual, group or organisation.

The work done is ethical, and considers respect, mutuality, confidentiality and values.

Past comments, edited for confidentiality, mainly from within groups, can be found on a pdf file here. Please email for enquiry or meeting