Emotional Education Beginnings – History and Present

This website is just a bit of my own history, set up because I once had a site: Emotional Education, built in 1997. Then years later, after I had retired from work, the webhost decided they would no longer offer the space. By then I had made other sites, or blogs, so I transferred the content of Emotional Education  here. Some content may be out-dated even if  the thinking is not out-of-date.

Among the other sites are my serious but disorganized thoughts blog on Transitional Space, The In-between of Identity Culture and Community or my everyday diary blog on My World Your World One World and a play space Poetry of Moods and Moments.

However, I found myself asking:

How does the web do its own History?

When I studied History of Science, and I expect this is true for all researchers, one of the joys was the actual documents, papers, books, even some artifacts. Thank you Royal Institution, London for my time there and for how you now put pictures of so much on the screen. I loved the journey to the building, the being “allowed in to the archive” and so much more. It is above all not just ‘paper’ I remember, what I could hold, but also a feeling of how I fitted into the mindset of the Michael Faraday’s world, through the visual style of the pages. Whether copperplate or cramped handwriting, whether printed in a tiny font and with weird woodcut illustrations, somehow the impact of the real stuff helped me intuit an understanding of how and where and when, beyond content or words.

Most of this site is therefore a recreation of the content in the historic pages. When originally written, its style, colours and layout, was very different. Links also went to websites from that time, also stylistically very different. Still relevant links have been updated here, others, out-of-date are deleted (google finds a modern site that may have little resemblance to the old in either content or style).
The ‘index’ page of the original site – we say ‘front page’ now.

Question: Can website history ever be retrieved?

The content of Emotional Education has been transferred, starting here, for me it is also an account of my work life. I have to change all the links, I don’t know if the gifs will work, and the colours are only near the original, but maybe it shows something of the 2000 ish style. I have become interested in rewriting some of it, as it still makes sense, but expressive style has also changed, so to show some of that development I may add a blog or updates! The old site has disappeared completely.

I would certainly like to know if anyone finds the question of website history interesting, technically, and I am still interested and involved in what that site was all about. If you think I am wordy now, I certainly was then. Learning moves through different ages and different forms of expression, new concepts, developing ideas, changing words.

On Emotional Education both then and now agree: There is so much that is known about our minds, our feelings, our emotional states, our development, our thoughts, our language, our creativity, our emotional worlds.

it is totally crazy how little attention we pay to this wonderful creation

 Contact is very welcome about the history question, or about emotional education.

Look at the reproduced, pages, the new part of this site and links, or go out and have a good day.

I really like to hear what people think - tell me

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